Our Team

EdRise Team

We're a small team of dedicated high school students determined to make the world a better place. If you're interested in becoming a tutor, apply here, and if you're interested in joining our staff team, click here to learn more. 

Core Leadership

Mary Zhao

Executive Director

Joanne Kim

Graphic Design Director

Jonah Bard

Founder & Advisor

Ryan D


Shanaelle Nabatmama

Outreach Coordinator

Astryd Reyes

Outreach Coordinator

Fredy Gonzalez

Outreach Director

Kaylee Hong

Social Media Manager


Gabe B.

Jonah B.

Sophiat B.

Ryan D. 

Samuel F.

Lea G.

Chitsein H.

Kaylee H.

Moses H.

Emily I.

Jeffrey K.

Sumeet K.

Vivian L.

Benson M. 

Max M.

Astryd R.

Hitesh S.

Mary Z.

Melody B.

Sapir B.

Leah C.

Lucie C.

Leonard D.

Sophia D.

Ruby F.

Daniel H.

Ashley J.

Koa J.

Tatiana J.

Evan K.

Kevin K.

Lauren K.

Isabella L.

Stanley L.

Stephanie L.

Matthew M.

Naila M.

Sophia M.

Swethaa M.

Chioma O.

Karla P.

Sherry P.

Sofia P.

Elanit S. 

Lilly S.

Daniela T.

Mary T.

Aman Z.

...and many more!